Dental Implants in Sunnyvale 

Remington Dental Group provides dental implant treatment as the best method to replace missing teeth. This advanced procedure uses biocompatible materials to restore the entire structure of individual or multiple teeth. Drs.Mary Dini and Mohammad Zarrinnegar are skilled with each step of implant placement and restoration, providing a convenient in-house experience. Our Sunnyvale dental practice is passionate about restoring patient confidence and quality of life.

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We Can Restore Every Tooth

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Dental implant treatment offers comprehensive health and functional benefits to patients. Posts, the foundation of the restoration, are surgically attached to the jaw and become part of the natural structure. These supply the necessary strength and durability that permanent restorations require. Implant-supported teeth create a stable and even bite nearly indistinguishable from the original. Unlike traditional and adhesive dentures, teeth affixed to implants do not fall out or require adjustment once introduced. 

This procedure gives dentists the freedom to restore teeth at any location in the smile, provided patients have enough bone density. Drs. Dini and Zarrinnegar, our family dental team, have a unique skillset for place implants and restoring them with prosthetics that fulfill your dental needs for years to come. 

What’s Involved in the Process?

After your initial consultation, our dentists create a custom plan to promote successful treatment. Based on detailed CT scans, they determine the best location for implants and how to approach the placement process. Drs. Dini and Zarrinnegar keep patients informed throughout, letting them know exactly what to expect at each stage.  

Some patients who have experienced long-term tooth loss may need preliminary procedures, such as bone grafts, to rebuild bone strength before posts can be attached. Implants placement is a nearly painless procedure, requiring only local anesthesia to keep patients comfortable. After this procedure, a healing period is necessary to allow the posts to fuse properly and become viable supports for restorations. Then, patients return for their implant-supported crown, partial, or denture. 

Enjoy Your New Smile for a Lifetime

Implants offer a longevity unmatched by other dental solutions offer. They can last over 25 years, especially when proper maintenance and hygiene guidelines are followed. Restorations also last for many years and are easily replaced when damaged, since they can be removed from the post itself without reversing the entire process. 

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Our Sunnyvale practice offers dental implant treatments to Mountain View and Santa Clara. Dr. Dini and Dr. Zarrinnegar are proud to deliver experienced dental care, restoring long-term function and aesthetics. Contact us or schedule a visit for more information on dental implant treatment!


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