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Dr. Z is awesome. Dental cleanings and the occasional filling are quick and relatively painless. He doesn't sugar coat things and will tell you what needs to be done.

5 stars in my book.

 Sadie G.

Milpitas, CA


I've been going to Remington Dental for 6 1/2 years now. Dr. Mohammad Zarrinnegar and his wife Mary Dini really are fantastic. They are honest and down to earth people who will tell you up front the cost and risks (if any) of the procedure prior to doing it.

They are both very personable people who also have a lovely staff that ensure you're comfortable and promptly taken care of. I'd recommend them to everyone!

 Priscilla D.

Sunnyvale, CA


Dr. Mohammad Zarrinnegar is awesome.  Extremely friendly and knowledgeable.  Only dentist I've had that I'm never nervous to go see.  I've had dentists in the past who have tried to cheat me out of my money.  Dr.  Z does a great job showing his patients and explaining why he believes they might need a particular service and he gives his patients options.  He genuinely wants to help his patients.  Great dentist, I highly recommend him.

Sam V.

Martinez, CA  


We have been going to Remington Dental for years and we think they are simply wonderful.  Great family practice with Saturday hours and they're great dentists too!

 Mary F.
Santa Cruz, CA


Dr. Mohammad Zarrinnegar is an excellent dentist and service provider.

He cares to know his patients and remembers the conversations. My husband and I have been going to another dentist in the complex prior to finding out about this one and the difference is like night and day.

We always get a great care. Dr. Zarrinnegar makes sure that we understand the out of pocket costs and helps us prioritize the procedures.. As necessary, they waived some of their fees when the insurance didn't cover the costs as it was supposed too or for whatever reason.

Demi C.

Sunnyvale, CA


Dr. Zarrinnegar has been my dentist for the past 3 years.

I feel that I have always received the best dental treatments. They have always been upfront with costs that are not necessarily covered by my insurance company.

Most importantly, over the years, Dr Zarrinnegar has proven to me that he only recommends procedures that are needed for my benefit, not his!

 Nathan H.
San Jose, CA


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